#9 Spring 2023 — Digital Edition L’Officiel Cyprus


Have you ever come face-to-face with your own reality? Did you react or did you just act? Three years ago, I received a letter knowing exactly who the sender was. I dreaded opening it, because I felt what I would read wouldn’t make me proud of who I was. A handwritten letter from my 18-year-old self, checking up on me 10 years later, asking so many questions but I had no answers. Was that a sign from the universe giving me another chance to make it right?


Writing this letter now as the Editor-in-Chief of L’Officiel Cyprus feels like finally giving that the little girl an answer. My story is not far from the publication’s own reality. Quietly being in the market but not reaching its full poten- tial due to a series of unforeseeable events, I was chosen to re-envision and reposition it. Each issue will give the reader a glimpse of what Cyprus is all about; a luxury market representing inclusivity and diversity, exploring the latest innovations and the birthplace of successful individuals and yet-to-be-discovered talents. How does one become a game-changer in the market? Dedicating this issue to Cyprus’ Rule Breakers, who disrupted the norms and re-defined them. Our first L’Officiel Cyprus cover talent undoubtedly had to be the international Cypriot model Sophia Hadjipanteli, our ultimate rule-breaker and uncon- ventional muse, captured in black and white photos that symbolise past and present. Our three covers represent her beauty, her distinct identity and her empowerment as a woman. Among our cover star you‘ll see the Cypriot pioneer of luxury Klitos Teklos, and the art-world’s first superhero, Cypriot media artist Theo-Mass. Spring is the season of new beginnings leading the way to a new cycle of life. I am grateful and thankful to my extraordinary team – especially to Loizos Sofoc- leous, this issue would have seemed impossible without him! Our magazine is celebrating its premiere at the newsstands – always trust the divine timing of the universe! The Spring 2023 issue marks the rebirth of L’Officiel Cyprus. provided by: © Andrea Ioannou

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