#4 Autumn 2021 — Printed Edition L’Officiel Monaco


Creative potential, international networking and intersections – sounds like the mantras of a team- building seminar, put exaggeratedly, but are indeed great challenges for the luxury industry. A segment that would benefit from a little more balance, especially when confronted with a pressure to succeed on a crea- tive and – to be honest – on an econo- mic level. In the past months, we have asked ourselves the question of the gol- den mean in all areas. Where are the synergies between art and fashion (p. 148), the interface between luxury and comfort (p. 56) or a balance between trends and craftsmanship (p. 120 )? The nearly 200 impressive pages of this issue are our answer and show the grandiose teams who form the supposed opposi- tes. The result – and this is where an overly compromising approach ends – is often surprising: if you set your stan- dards high enough, you don‘t have to compromise. – A motto to which L‘Offi- ciel has been committed for 100 years! For a whole century, we have not only been reporting on trends, but also shaping them. With the current issue, we can add another chapter to this rich history and hopefully write fashion history together with you.


With a mission to publish and distribute the best what culture has to offer, L’OFFICIEL Monaco is committed to provide readers with spirited and intelligent features and be the one’s official source of fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle inspiration.

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