#17 Spring 2023 — Digital Edition L’Officiel Austria


Spring is a time for re-birth, resurrection and rejuve- nation. In the luxury and fashion world it is the season best attributed to sustainability and a more mindful approach to our planet and its resources. With this in mind, we have dedicated our spring issue to the topic of sustainability. What is being done in the world of luxury and fashion to ensure for a more mindful approach and which fashion brand can be seen as being most sustai- nable?


We take a closer look at Stella McCartney in our “Brand to Watch” segment – a brand that has been often voted as being one of the most sustainable in the industry. In our sustainability story, we journey through the most relevant issues relating to sustainability and relay how some of the world‘s largest fashion and luxury brands are restructuring their daily businesses in favour of a more sustainable approach. In our lady’s watch editorial, we have paired our choice of the most coveted timepieces with a clothing collection that uses embellishments deri- ved from fully recycled materials. Colour also goes hand in hand with spring, and we therefore hope you will love our cover shoot with the beautiful and charming Meredith Mickelson. Colour also played a central role in Giambattista Valli‘s Paris Couture Week show, and we have included him, amongst other designers, wit- hin our “Paris Couture Fashion Week Report”. Our readers will also find a brand new segment dedicated to “Home and Interiors” in this issue, which we have packed with exciting news and beautiful sto- ries from the world of interior design. Last but not least – in light of the recent, devastating events in Turkey: our hearts go out to the Turkish people who are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you a plentiful and colourful spring season and, as always, an enjoyable reading experience!

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