#14 Summer 2022 — Digital Edition L’Officiel Austria


There comes a time in life, when one is at a loss for words. Mostly, this comes at a time of great loss, which we, as a team are experiencing right now. We lost not only our publisher, but also our friend, our guiding light and our greatest supporter. To her family, Svitlana was a loving wife and mother – we cannot fathom their grief, yet we have faith, that she will live on through this title, through us all, and through everything that we will continue to create in her name and with her spirit in mind. Accordingly, we travelled to Madrid for our largest cover production to date: a project that was dear to Svitlana’s heart.


L´Officiel Austria magazine is a medium offering local and international content: it is a trend guide for the worlds of fashion, lifestyle, luxury, travel, beauty, art and culture in Austria and abroad. L´Officiel Austria has a local and international readership which it draws upon by being the only luxury and lifestyle print magazine in Austria that publishes every issue in both a German and English language version.

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